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About Me

My promise as your travel advisor is to delve deep into the details that will elevate an ordinary trip into an extraordinary, once in a lifetime experience, customized with your interests, whether they be in history, arts, culture, food, wine, action/sports, or adventure.

While I am happy to book any dream destination, I do have some specialties. Adventure, cruise, culinary and wellness trips are where I shine. Trips like African safaris, Costa Rica, Peru, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, as well as expedition cruises to places like Patagonia, North & South poles, Galapagos, Scandinavia or Iceland are adventure and nature destinations where I can design amazing custom itineraries. I also have partners that allow me to cater trips for special interests like diving, skiing, hiking or cycling.

As an expert in culinary travel, I can put together killer Europe, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand food & wine itineraries. I have a passion for food and wine and great partners that I leverage to ensure exceptional and unique experiences. I occasionally lead group culinary tours, with my sommelier friend, Stephanie Love also.

For wellness and retreat travel, I can find you the perfect place to relax, disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself. Whether you are into yoga, health and wellness, retreats or simply connecting with yourself and nature, I have you. I know how important it is to unplug.

Lastly, if you want to cruise or take an escorted tour, I’ve got the lineup of best cruises and tours across the globe. Whether you want a small ship, yacht, river cruise, private charter, large ship or expedition cruise, I have something that will meet your needs. If you enjoy meeting other travelers and having a predefined itinerary, I can help find you the best company to match your timelines and interest. I also have the best promotions and pricing for cruising and tours, so I will save you the time and research of trying to find anything better.

All my partners have missions and practices that align to sustainability goals that have real and measurable metrics and they are highly vetted for excellence, service and quality year over year.

Looking to plan your trip now, contact me.

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